Stories of March 2013

Age of Empires II, the best video game of all time, is coming to Steam in April with refreshed HD graphics

Age of Empires II, released first 14 years ago in 1999, was a stunning game for its time. In the intervening years, it never fully faded from sight, with active modding and player communities persisting to this day.
With a graphics update, and a multiplayer experience that will lean on Steam to help arrange games, the title is all but prepped for a massive comeback.

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This Console Generation Will Shape the Future of Gaming

The introduction of a new console generation used to be a hard reset for the gaming industry. That was the old gaming world.
With online communities and digital content extending beyond the lifespan of consoles, the “hard reset” no longer exists and line between console generations is becoming blurred.

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AirDock: Activate Siri with the power of air pressure

Driving and smartphones don’t mix well. While you can get a lot done using voice commands with Siri on your iPhone, you still have to activate her. If you’re driving, that can take valuable seconds away from paying attention to the road. The AirDock Kickstarter project is looking to make Siri air-activated rather than fingertip-activated.

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