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How to print a page from a magazine app

After taking a screenshot of any magazine page (in iOS), just hit the Photos app and print it like you would a photo.

I’m a magazine junkie. And these days I tend to read a lot of mags on my iPad, especially now that I can get most of my favorite periodicals (Men’s Health, Entertainment Weekly, Wired, etc.) in tablet form.

Just one problem: Few, if any, magazine apps let you print. What’s the big deal about that? Well, suppose you’re perusing the digital pages of Bon Appetit and want a hard copy of one of the recipes? Or you’ve found a cool project in Family Handyman and need a shopping list to take to the hardware store? For my part, I recently found a dietary cheat sheet in Men’s Health I wanted to stick on the fridge.

You get the idea: Sometimes you want to rip a page out of magazine, but tablet mags aren’t rippable. And without a built-in print option, what can you do? Take a photograph of the screen?

Actually, yes, sort of. The solution is actually quite simple: Take a screenshot of the page you want to print, then print that. It requires a few extra steps, but it gets the job done.

[more @ CNET]

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