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AirDock: Activate Siri with the power of air pressure

A prototype of the AirDock.

Driving and smartphones don’t mix well. While you can get a lot done using voice commands with Siri on your iPhone, you still have to activate her. If you’re driving, that can take valuable seconds away from paying attention to the road. The AirDock Kickstarter project is looking to make Siri air-activated rather than fingertip-activated.

AirDock is described as “in-car, eyeless Siri.” That means you don’t have to take your gaze off the road to use it. The prototype version of the AirDock involves a suction-mount dock you put your iPhone into. A plastic tube with a squeeze bulb on the end sticks out from it. Squeeze the air bulb to push the home button, turn on the phone, and activate Siri.

[more @ CNET]

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