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Star Wars Pinball coming tomorrow to Android, iOS


The Empire Strikes Back table for Zen Pinball looks like the one to get.

(Credit: Zen Studios)

Ready to visit a pinball arcade far, far away?

Tomorrow, Zen Studios will release Star Wars Pinball for Android and iOS, giving you the chance to see how your pinball wizardry matches up with your Jedi wizardry. (The game is getting a simultaneous release for Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox.)

Zen will offer three Star Wars-themed tables as part of its existing Zen Pinball app, which is free and already offers such tables as X-Men, Captain America, and Thor. Each one will cost $ 1.99 via in-app purchase.

Depending on your level of fandom, “Star Wars” and “pinball” may be all you needed to hear. If that case, check out the just-released trailers for all three, then meet me below for some thoughts.

[source: CNET]

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